What I HATE about expensive candles

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Have you ever purchased a candle for a lot of money? Like upwards of $50 bucks? The excitement of how beautifully your newly acquired luxury candle will throw that perfect aroma throughout your home....dreams of waking up to the best scent ever....and you actually think you won the lottery because you got a discount on that designer brand.

So, you get home. You light it. You wait about an hour.


Wait another hour.


Check the candle. Maybe the flame is too low. Blow it out. Wait for the wax to harden. Re-light it. Wait an hour.


Where the heck is the beautiful scent I smelled in the store? It smelled SOOOOOO good in the store!

Welcome to what I call #scentFAIL. You would be surprised at how unscrupulous some of these candle manufactures can be. Can you believe that many of them brush a layer of fragrance oil on top of the finished candle so that it smells good in the store? YEP!

The rest of the candle is nothing but unscented wax. Even at the "luxury" level. I don't know why they do this except to maybe save money? But then, you will never get a repeat customer, so why bother?

All I can say is that when this happened to me (luckily only once) I was PISSED!! And of course, I had no way of returning the candle. Heck, the store owner probably had no idea either. We all got duped.

Be careful when you buy expensive candles. Do not assume that just because it's expensive, that it will be good. Take your fingernail or some sharp object and gently scrape the top layer of wax. If you can still smell the fragrance pretty well, you will probably be safe to buy a quality candle.

This horrible practice is just one of the reasons why I decided to make my own candles and start my own line. I want to not only ensure that I have a top notch candle but I also want to be sure that my customers are very satisfied with my product. One for Cooper Lake Candle Co!


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